Is there a mobile.waitForElementNotPresent?

To refresh data in my app there is a loading symbol and after its gone data is refreshed. Depending on network it takes between 5 and 30s, so I would like to use a kind of:

Mobile. waitForElementNotPresent ( findTestObject (‘xzy’), 60)

But there is no waitForElementNotPresent for mobile. Only a waitForElementPresent but I need the opposite.

For now Im using Mobile.delay(30) but yeah it would speed up things - thanks in advance!

@mario.tester Interesting hole you found. @ThanhTo is this an oversight?

@mario.tester you could try looping over Mobile.waitForElementPresent() until it fails with Failure Handling set to OPTIONAL - but that’s a pretty ugly workaround.

Aside: @ThanhTo the example here uses the wrong API.


Thanks we’re gonna fix the docs. Currently the mobile API is lacking some keywords compared to Web, we’re gonna be working on that !