Is testing Microcontrollers possible? (Ublox, Arduino)

I have to implement a test sequence on Ublox or Arduino. I do not know if it is possible to use Katalon for the test automation. I could not see any option to run a microprocessor. Would it be possible to use Katalon? If yes, how?

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Do you want to implement a java/groovy program on your PC that talk to Arduino?

Then, GitHub - kurbatov/firmata4j: Firmata client written in Java. will enable you to do it.

Theoretically any groovy program could be ported into Katalon Studio, but I do not see any reason to choose KS as your workbench to work with Arduino. KS provides nothing supportive for it.

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Hi Kazarayam,

I have written some scripts for Arduino (I used Arduino IDE). I want to use KS because I am thinking of monitoring the result for each Test Case. The goal is to use KS to manage the script of Arduino (upload of the sketch, run of the shetch).

I am studying the link of GitHub about Firmata.
Do you have some link videos about this request?

Very appreciated
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I don’t know anything about Microcontrollers. I just preteded. I am a fake.

If you want something additve to Arduino IDE, then I would rather recommend you to look at Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

I am sure that Katalon has nothing to offer for Microcontrollers.

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somebody with certain experience with using such will know that, Katalon cannot be suitable for such.
my guess is, the OP just copy pasted some scripts from here and there without a full understanding of technology implied.

my answer:
katalon won’t help.
reading more docs about tools the op may use… may help, but it is not a guarantee