Is it possible to record video, if testcase is more than 100 minutes long?

Hi All,

Just curious to know, if we can generate a video of a testsuite or test scenario if total run time is 100+ minutes. Need to ask it because, I am unable to generate full video when run span is 100+ minutes.

My scenario:
My test ran for 10091.454 seconds = 168.19 minutes (Approx.) each execution. Every time, I am trying to record this video, It records for about 95-100 minutes and video automatically stops (finishes). Remaining part is always missing.

Breaking down this business scenario in parts is not a solution for me. Therefore this scenario must run in whole/one-piece.

Any help/guidance/advice is welcome.


I cannot find any official document on this and let me check with my team.

I do not know if you can tune the video longer than 100minutes.

It looks too slow to me. If you could make your test to run faster than 100 minutes, your issue will be solved. Therefore you should try to tune your tests to run faster.

There could be a lot of possible factors that slow down your tests; notably

  1. Your project has the “Smart Wait” option ON, which may make your test wait to long (30 seconds). You should not use it. See Test execution is very slow - #20 by kazurayam

  2. Your project has a lot of WebUI.delay(X) statements; which could be replaced with WebUI.waitForElementPresent(testObject, timeout) and other keywords which would run far faster than WebUI.delay(X).

  3. Opening browser is taking long due to some network-related issues.

See also Speeding up test execution in Katalon Studio - #2 by kazurayam

what abominating scenario are you testing?
speaking for myself, if i am not able to do whatever i need on a certain webapp… in, lets say, 5 mins (except searching for whatever is provided) i will quit.
you may have to consider splitting your project/suites in relevant use cases an record any of them individual