Is it possible to get global variable value and put it in requeste message?

In my proyect I have a test case for testing UI. Here I get a certain value using global variable.
Then, this value I need to place it in the request message of a SOAP web service request body like this:

Globalvariable.variable1 = value;


< something > Globalvariable.variable1< / something >

I know thar for each web service I have a place where I can put variables and then do something like this:

  • ${variable}
    …but this is NOT what I want because it is not the same.

Is it possible to do this?

Hi @guillenoble59,
Have you tried to use ${GlobalVariable.variable1} in the SOAP message?

Hi, thanks for the response
I managed myself to solve the problem by creating in the request message of my SOAP web service a variable of type Global variable

If a local variable exists with the same name as the local variable that you want to access, then the global variable is shadowed. That is, preference is given to the local variable.