Is it possible reuse the test cases?

Hi ,

I was generated some cases of use of a mobile application and I try to reuse it in second App version and I can’t reuse it… Is it possible change the open App to the new .apk version for run retest it?

At this moment the App only works in local mode and I need to change the .apk manually.

I try to solve it changing the Start App command input, but I don’t know that is the correct form.

Can you help me to solve it ?


I found the origin of this Problem. It was an error in a start method .

Many thanks

Can you show me the screenshot of its?

Yes, the bug is solved. But when I run the test cases with next version, the job progress bar shows me an error icon, but the test cases are executed correctly. I supouse that is not a normal condition, but I don’t know that is it possible that this affects to test case executions ?

Only occurs me when I Execute Android test cases.


Are you saying you need to use another version of the same application? If so, please set ‘uninstallAfterCloseApp’ value from ‘Start Application’ keyword to be true so that installed application will be uninstalled and you can install another version of your application upon next execution.