Introduction to Desired Capabilities

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The locations in Katalon Studio settings do not match what I see in version 6.1. I guess they have moved, and the docs need a makeover?
There is now a top-level ProjectSetting called Desired Capabilities.
I am looking for a way to set the Desired Capabilities for Web UI - Remote dynamically (so that I can execute the same Project with different Desired Capabilities, and run tests on different remote devices using BrowserStack or similar). Is such a feature planned for a future release?

The links for the desired capabilities for Firefoy and Chrome are broken.

Is there an introduction of setting the desired-capabilities on safari?

The link is broken, please fix this! Thank you.

I wish to use to use Desired Capabilities within Katalon for Chrome to ignore certificate errors. Could anyone enlighten me on how to do this? I’m using Chrome 79.0.3945.79, and Katalon 7.0.3. Thanks!

I’ve since discovered that setting acceptInsecureCerts=true does the job.

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Firefox/Firefox (headless)

“Never ask for file download for file MIME type mentioned. The list of MIME type can be found”

It doesn’t seem to be working. It’s still showing a pdf file instead of just saving it when, as per your instructions, the following desired capabilities are used:

“pdfjs.disabled”, True
“”, False

i have this 2 extra on my python code. works file. Neva tried with kalaton. this should not be katalon related issue i guess.

It’s still not working after I’ve added your 2 extra. Actually, if this works in your Python code and doesn’t work in Katalon, it can be a Katalon related issue. In any case, when I follow the instructions from Katalon docs site, it’s not working

I want to override desired capabilities at runtime for a Windows application; I need to pass parameters like on command line kind of like this : App.exe -a abc -b def -c jkl

I am unable to achieve this and need some good pointers and examples please.

For those interested, I found this solution;
RunConfiguration.setDriverPreferencesProperty(“Windows”, ‘desiredCapabilities’, [“appArguments”: yourStringVariableHere])

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