Integration with TeamCity

We’re integrating Katalon Studio with TeamCity and using the Ant JUnit reporter to report on the outcomes of our tests.

In the TeamCity build log, I can see the results of each test step within the test case for each test case in our specified test suite, however TeamCity is flagging all tests that result in a “PASSED” or “ERROR” status as Ignored.

We’ve already reached out to TeamCity about this to see if they have a solution on their end, but if anyone over here has experience with integrating Katalon with TeamCity I’d love to hear about it.

Well there is an article created by users to integrate Katalon Studio with TeamCity:มาลองใช้-katalon-studio-ไปกับ-teamcity-ในการ-automate-test-android-กันสักหน่อยดีไหม-61b38869172f

Unfortunately it’s written in Thai language, so I think in this case you can translate it using Google Translate

Thanks for the article. After talking with TeamCity support, it looks like we just needed to specify parseOutOfDate=‘true’ in the build feature for ingesting the Ant JUnit report.

This is how we got it to work:

Link updated 1/22/2019.

The above link from Harold will work with this URL TeamCity and Katalon Integration