Information transferring via Rest API

Hello, there

I’d like to send some information through ‘Rest API’ to other system after test cases success or fail.
So I coded a system using TearDownIfPassed/TearDownIfFail function to call ‘Rest APi’ and to receive a name of browser in its method.
Below are the code and a failure message. (Browser name didn’t show up)

I want to know the problem and there is other way to get this results.

test code : Screenshot by Lightshot
test results : Screenshot by Lightshot

Thank you!!!

Hi Kim,

Seem like the issue comes from us, we will fix it soon.

Thank for your report.

Thank you for your reply. Let mes show my script, setting, error message.

my script

my setting

error message

success message (#2 setting is changed, un-check the 3rd box)

as you may see, after unchecking the 3rd box, the error is gone.

I think it is kind of defect.

I want to know your opinion.

Hi Kim,

Can you should us all logs in Console? Your code works well in our computers. The println statement works properly. Here is my result.