Import an array of data from Excel

I am using Katalon to fill up a form which can have infinite of “sub forms”.

Here is an example

Family Members

Add a new family member

There can be infinite number of family members and I am doing a loop to add all of them.

On Excel, I could have used Name, DOB, Address and Family Member each for a column and family member I can use 2 levels of String.split to extract the information about infinite family members. But is there a better method to do it without combining all the family members information into a cell and making a mess?

Personally I would put columns for each type of data:
Column 1: Family/Family Member
Column 2: Name
Column 3: DOB
Column 4: Address

list all family members under the family they are part of. Doesn’t matter which but if you pull the values for the whole row dynamically and loop through number of rows you could basically see if it’s supposed to be a new family or an additional member of that existing family and then just enter each type based upon cell value, name, dob, address.

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