Iframe Issue with Katalon Script

Hi Team,

I am using Katalon Tool version 5.7.1 and there’s no way i can upgrade as it’s launched on client’s desktop. When i manually tried to download the higher version like 5.8 etc the katalon was failing to launch my browser and as a result only option i am left with is to use older version i.e. 5.7.1.

Issue that i am facing is with iframe handler and it gives me error while executing script on Payment page as the credit card field is provided by the third party and which takes time to load.

I have understood that there’s a bug- Cannot find elements when XPath expression is null and hence i am facing this issue.

Per the suggestions mentioned here- Cannot find elements when XPath expression is null, it doesn’t work for me.
Could you let me know if there’s an option without upgrading the tool, browser and make it work.
Swift response will be appreciated.