IF condition does not work in Katalon Recorder

Hello Katalon team,

I’m having problems using IF condition in my tests.

For example, I have a browser test which signs into my Google account by opening www.google.com and clicks on Sign In button. The tricky part is that I want the test to continue running IF I am already signed it which is why I want to use IF condition (e.g., if my browser crashes and my session does not expire - next time I attempt to the test, it will fail because I am already signed in).

I’ve tried everything I could think of but it still does not work. Please note, I had no problems doing the same thing in Selenium IDE (please find an example attached). Note, I am using Katalon Recorder (I create everything manually) and I am running in Firefox.

Selenese (Selenium IDE) Commands Reference page (https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-recorder/docs/selenese-selenium-ide-commands-reference.html) simply does not have any information about IF or ELSE or anything like that.

Please advise.

In Katalon Recorder you have to use storeElementPresent to store the status into a variable, then use if with the variable as its condition. The syntax $e is not supported at this moment.