IE plays back extremely slow

Well it seems to be running faster now… I didn’t change anything but the problem seems resolved. No idea what driver version I am using but it might have been auto-updated.

Thanks for the help anyway!

Ok nevermind. So it looks like it was running fine but now it’s slow again. I tried killing the drivers in the task manager but its still running slow so I am not sure what changed.

As an additional note… I ran the same scripts using IE with Browserstack and the scripts look to run fine there. So it must be some local process that is killing the performance somehow.

I was facing the same issue for the past several days and couldn’t come up with a solution to a setting, i just remembered i toggled the auto-update of webdrivers and after that, the slow execution issue happened. installed a latest version of the IEDriverServer (64bit) and retried, no go.

What worked for me, I closed Katalon Studio, Renamed the folder of my previous Katalon Studio,
installed a fresh version of Katalon into another folder, opened my project, ran a test case with IE11, vroom! test execution is at par with the other browsers.
so yeah, when all else fails, a fresh Katalon doesn’t hurt (yet). Katalon stores its settings somewhere else, so opening my project just remembers everything. Oh, i see i need to reconfigure Github integration…

activation is stored somewhere in C:/users/blah. project settings are stored with the project. general katalon settings are stored in the installation folder

For the speed problem with IE (speciallly with Settext or Sendkey), the solution for me is there :

See “Check :ballot_box_with_check: Enable 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protected Mode” (Internet Options → Advanced → Security) or not dependent if you run webdriver in 64 or 32 bits

Thanks it works for me

you can change to IE driver version x32 it will work.
IE Driver Location: <Katalon Studio folder>\configuration\resources\drivers\
you can download it from here depending on your selenium version: