IE+Edge can't set or send "@"

I’ve searched the forum without any luck for a solution so here is my issue.

When trying to fill out a form for a mail address the @ symbol ends up being replaced by “é”. SetText with @ works in all browsers expect IE and Edge.
(e.g. testé instead of

PC running Katalon has a US qwerty layout however I must mention I am connected on it using remote desktop connection and my local keyboard is Belgian Period. Where as to normally access the @ symbol on my local machine would be (Alt Gr + é) but sadly there is no Keys.ALTGR only Keys.ALT so I wasn’t able to chord it.

So far I’ve tried the following without any success:

  • SetText “@”

  • SendKeys “@”

  • SendKeys chord ALT + NUM6 + NUM4

  • Change the keyboard layout on the remote machine to Belgian Period

Can anybody assist or give any tips?
Much appreciated!

It only works with EN keyboard layouts. You can use workaround with something like a javaScript copy to clipboard button on external site and then redirect to the original page that you’re testing and paste it with SHIFT + INSERT
Hope this helps, had issues with this myself

I’ve managed to solve it by changing keyboard layout in the bottom corner of the taskbar to the US keyboard (Despite windows not indicating any other keyboards being active, probably due to the remote desktop connection, sneaky bastard windows. I trusted the control panel…)

More info on this selenium issue can be found on github:

Hopefully this issue will be addressed for any non-US keyboard users anytime soon.
Best regards.

It happens the same to me with ‘{’

Occurs when Katalon performs setText and the text contains the character {. Write everything except {