HTTP Header - Authorization property is not getting set by using global variable

Issue :- I’m not able to set Authorization in HTTP header using global variable.

Scenario :- There is one REST Request which generates Authorization Token dynamically and this token needs to be used by another REST Request.

I am able to successfully execute first REST request,generate token and store Token value in global variable but in second REST request I am trying to add Authorization property in HTTP Header with Auth Token value which was fetched from first REST Request.

Code Snippet :-

// Variable containing Auth Token

String objtest = GlobalVariable.tokenType1+GlobalVariable.AuthToken+GlobalVariable.tokenType2


// REST request where AUTH needs to be addedd
RequestObject value = findTestObject(‘CBA_Person_API_PostMan/StartSession_Person_API’)

ArrayList HTTPHeader = new ArrayList()

// adding Authorization property with AUth token
HTTPHeader.add(new TestObjectProperty(‘Authorization’, ConditionType.EQUALS,objtest))


def response = WS.sendRequest(findTestObject(‘CBA_Person_API_PostMan/StartSession_Person_API’))

ok, now try to use object you set instead of it’s definition:

def response = WS.sendRequest(value)

Hey Andrej ,

Thanks for the prompt reply. It worked.

UR welcome