HTTP Body - Change the value every hit of transaction


Appreciate someone who can assist me on this API:

I’ll explain in layman’s term since im new on katalon :slight_smile:

My goal is to test the creation of my createuser API :

 1. i want in every test cases, i will change the value of User ID and Password
 2. I want to see the Response in every test cases executed by API, not Console/Event Log

Questions will be:

1. On each Test Cases, how can i set the user id and password
2. On Katalon studio, i want to see the actual response, like when i run the object and saw the response

Attached are pictures for your checking,. Thank u




What do you mean by this? I think you can see the response only in either console or Katalon’s logging system. - or save it somewhere externally.

WRT your problem, you can create requests dynamically based on your current input, then you can specify different names in different test cases. For more info see the tutorial: