HTML report not generating in the latest version 6.2.1

Hi Team,

@Dung_ngo7 HTML report is not generating or it may be missing in the latest version of 6.2.1
Now you have to download the report plugin from plugin store for generate report.

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Thanks buddy issue resolved @Md_Borhan_Uddin_Sark

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Hi @Md_Borhan_Uddin_Sark how to install plugin on lunux os with command?
cause since new katalon doesn’t generated html report I need to install thath plugin througb my server OS

I have no idea about that, But if you install the plugin from katalon plugin store with same ID, It should automatically added to your katalon studio if you use the same id in katalon studio… Have you tried to install the plugin in general method?

ya but I dont put my ID to katalon on linux, cause its dont have GUI so I install all the things from jenkins or maybe using shell command,
do you know how to input katalon ID through command script?

Nope. I have no working experience at linux. Sorry brother. Please google you may find something.

have a look at this the -email option might work

this might be useful too

i haven’t installed katalon on linux though so i can’t verify them

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Ok no prolem brother, thank you for your response, for now I downgrade my katalon apps to 6.1 for accomodate the report @Md_Borhan_Uddin_Sark

Holly… this is verry important, I will try this, thankyou so much brother @yoyox98

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@Md_Borhan_Uddin_Sark I am getting an error while Reload plugin even though I am providing my correct credentials there in pop up. Also i am able to login into the web application using same credentials. Please let me know what I do now.