How to write script in JAVA mode on Katalon Studio

Dear Team, Doing POC for our project on Katalon. We don’t know groovy language. So want to write script in Java Mode. But couldn’t find the way to write script in JAVA mode. Please help how to change the IDE mode in JAVA from Groovy.

Groovy accept Java. Anything you’ll do in Java should work with Groovy.


The content of your Test Case script becomes the content of the run() method of a Script Class in Java.

So, in pseudo Java:

public class ScriptClass {

  public void run() {
    // your test case code
    WebUI.comment("I'm running in a run method!")

Obviously, that’s super-simplified but that’s pretty much all you need to know.

You can check the java package(s) here:


Also wanted to add this just so you have it