How to write excel or txt

Hello, I’m working on a project recently, that is, I ran a lot of cases. I want to export the running results of these cases and make them into excel or txt for running to view the running results. I want to ask how to generate one using only the recoder. A test report, or how to write a document


Please note @1968693027 is using Katalon Recorder (Browser Extensions), not Katalon Studio.

@1968693027 tells that Katalon Recorder (Browser Extensions) provides No Report.

As you may be aware, all Web Browsers are principally designed NOT to write any local file for security reason. No browser extensions can write local file.

I would rather recommend you to switch to Katalon Studio. You can choose the free version.

I have tried to use js to achieve this, but I do not have a good grasp of js and failed. At present, I can only export to python to solve the problem

You solved the problem? Is that solution satisfactory or not?

I have confirmed that the recoder cannot do this at present, we just use this tool to quickly form a UI automation script, and then export the python code to form an automated linkage with ixia