How to verify calculated value for a non editable field

Hi all,
I want to create such test case:
Compare the result of calculation with an expected value.
The field corresponding to the calculated value is not editable and has following properties for the object

Note : Below, The Object captured via SPYWEB.

tag equals input
xpath equals id(“selectedOption_0_totalAmtWithChg”)
formcontrolname equals amount
disabled equals true
id equals selectedOption_0_totalAmtWithChg
type equals number
class equals ocp-number-field ocp-no-spinners ui-state-
disabled ng-untouched ng-pristine ng-valid
ui-inputtext ui-corner-all ui-state-default ui-
widget ui-state-filled

I tried to make use of the different “verify” commands but cannot make it work. Test cases are failing (Verify equal, verify match…)

Verify Element Text selectedOption_0_totalAmtWithChg 200

I saved the value of the field in a variable to see the content and looks like the value is empty’.

I tried the same with Selenium IDE with below commands and it works fine.

AssertValue id=selectedOption_0_totalAmtWithChg 200

Can it be done in Katalon ? Which command can I use to make this verification in my test case. ?
Thanks in Advance



I think there is a different between get Element Text and get Value attribute of the element. (Verify Element Text v/s AssertValue)

could you try to get the value attr?

Problem seems to be fixed.