How to use this verifyElementClickable keyword?

Dear all,

I want to check whether element on website is clickable or not and here is my code

WebUI.verifyElementClickable(findTestObject('Object Repository/Page_Prudential_Rider/input_rider_ADB1PoT'))

But i always receive this error on log file

Unable to verify object 'Object Repository/Page_Prudential_Rider/input_rider_ADB1PoT' to be clickable (Root cause: Object 'Object Repository/Page_Prudential_Rider/input_rider_ADB1PoT' is NOT clickable)

I assume that this keyword is designed to check whether element is clickable or not so why error says like that ?

Thanks and regards

Someone can help me on this ?

Hello Tan, I think you are using it correct, but issue might be your element tag.

I also get say error when my button is of type submit. like in this case it failed for me:

If button is of type button, then I don’t get error and will get proper status: true/false.
in this case it works:


Thank @“ai test” for your reply !

As your comment I just thought that this keyword is only work for button and I am using this for my text field. So I will try another ways to check if my text field is disabled or not (Will try method in this link:

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