How to use in the Object Repository Verification box the same variables values passed to the "sendRequestAndVerify" method used in a test case

Hi all,

After defining a request, named “Example” in the Object Repository and adding a few verification snippets to assert the response, I call in a test case the WS.sendRequestAndVerify(findTestObject(‘Example’, [(‘variable1’) : value1, (‘variable2’) : value2])) method
Is there any way I can get the value1 of variable1 and use it for further verification?
I’ll try to explain better.
If I define a variable named variable1 in the Variables box with value “example”, by calling the above mentioned “sendRequestAndVerify” and by using the “Get a variable” snippet like this:

def variables = request.getVariables()
def variable = variables.get(‘variable1’)
println variable

as an output I’ll get the value “example” instead of “value1”.

I hope I was clear. I would like to get the value of variable1 which comes from the test case (which is “value1”).

Thanks in advance for any help.