How to use Applitools via Katalon

I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Briefly about the background: I try to use Applitools (via Katalon Studio 7.6.2) to take screenshots as a baseline of certain pages and to compare them later with new screenshots of these pages. But I don’t quite understand these documentations. Under Project / Settings / Plugins / Applitools Integration I entered the API key generated by Applitools. Could someone please provide suitable examples for the recording and for the later comparison via script mode? To make it a little clearer, the steps in Script mode should be as follows: Click on a menu object “XY”, take a screenshot as a baseline, refresh, click on the same menu object “XY”, take a new screenshot and use the baseline compare, done. Thanks in advance.

Okay, I tried it myself and wrote something like:‘Main_Menu/dashboard_manager’))
CustomKeywords.‘com.kms.katalon.keyword.applitools.BasicKeywords.checkWindow’(‘Testview 1’)
But all I got as a report is:
Why is the description under point 3 empty? Where does Applitools save the screenshot? In any case, I can’t find anything in the Applitools dashboard. What am I doing wrong? In Katalon Studio I entered the API key from Applitools and filled in Viewsize like this: .


To use Applitool Integration with Katalon Studio you should follow this guideline first:

You also should watch this video: to understand how Applitool works with the checkWindow keyword.
Please note that eyes.checkWindows() in the video is equivalent to BasicKeywords.checkWindows() keyword in Katalon Studio.

Hi duyluong,
Thanks for Your answer.
I looked at the guideline and the video and neither really helped me. As you can see above, the test case seems to go through basically, but nothing arrives in the applitools dashboard. I have a demo account with Applitools and therefore also the API key, which I dutifully entered in “API Key” under “APPLITOOLS Integration”. Does Applitools still need any special entry regarding a proxy setting or does Applitools take over the settings for the proxy from Katalon?
Do I still need any entry in the imports at the beginning of the script mode that I am currently forgetting? Or is the line enough later on in the script: “CustomKeywords.‘com.kms.katalon.keyword.applitools.BasicKeywords.checkWindow’ ('Testview1’)”?
And there is something else. 1.) I tried to leave the field “Visual Grid View Port” completely empty: Result - error in the test case. 2.) I entered [ ]: Result - test case runs, but the description under point 3 remains partially empty. 3.) I entered “[1920,1080]”: Result - error in the test case and under point 3 there is only a “1”. 4.) I entered “[[1920,1080]]”: Result - error in the test case and in the report point 3, the last entry, ends with “Use view port 1920x1080”. What exactly would be the correct entry in the “Visual Grid View Port” field?