How to upload file csv from Data File?

Hello I’m trying to upload csv file from Data Files section in KS, when I declare the path for the file ‘/Data Files/Test/file1.csv’ it gives me an error Unable to calculate MD5 hash, when I update a file format .DAT
file uploaded successfully, but file data is missing, generally I can only see a summary for a file but not actually data.

Hi @gufi.mylt ,

Initially, please make sure that you have followed this instruction with testing csv file correctly. Next, please check the file you uploaded again whether it was available or fully granted for all permissions (read, write, etc).
If after all above checks you find nothing suspicious, in order to investigate your issue better, can you provide us with the full error log of Unable to calculate MD5 Hash ?

In terms of .dat file, Katalon has not yet supported this file extension, so when you uploaded it, the content cannot be be visible.

Hope these suggestions can work for you. Thank you!

Thanks, @Elly_Tran for your response, I was following the same steps to add csv file, but I’m still getting the same error
Reason: com.amazonaws.SdkClientEzception: Unable to calculate MD5 hash: — my file path from DataFiles section — (The system cannot find the file specified).

When I navigate to Katalon project directory->Data Files->myFile and copy a path, it shows me that myFile has extension .dat and I added myFile.csv following the steps that you suggested
Thank you


Can you give me your file if possible? I will try to reproduce it.

Thank you!

TestData.csv (140 Bytes)
Please take a look on this test data

Hi @gufi.mylt ,

I tried with your file and it was displayed as usual. One thing should be noticed that our Katalon Studio might take a bit long time to load the file. You can try uploading the file, wait for about 10m for KS to update content. Refer to my config attached to get the result like me.

Hope it will work.

Hey @Elly_Tran
Thanks for the response, could you please try to upload this file to S3 bucket with AWS SDK. Data file looks the same on my side as your screenshot, do you see the same error while you upload a file?