How to target robot at a specific window?

I’m using the below Robot code to “clean” close the browser because the WebUI.close function doesn’t close browsers in such a way as to trigger certain web events on our site that fire as the user is closing the browser:

			KeywordUtil.markWarning ("Closing Browser")
			Robot robot = new Robot();
			WebUI.delay (2)
			// Press keys Ctrl + W
			WebUI.delay (2)
			// Release keys Ctrl + W
			WebUI.delay (2)

The problem is that since it’s just keypresses, if I have multiple windows open then it triggers those keypresses on whatever window I happen to be using at the time, is there a way to “point” the keypresses at the specific window that a given script is executing in?

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Is the problem that you are multitasking ie running automation code alongside your other activities? If this is the case, I don’t see a Robot solution that wouldn’t interrupt you. Perhaps if you instead used Javascript to close the current tab? Eg


This may only work on an additional tab you opened though but please experiment


try to find the correct window first and use robot for key presses

That’s what I’m curious about, is there an identifier that I can capture when I open the browser instance that I can use to “jump” back to that instance immediately before closing?

Katalon is able to track instances in order to perform the “Terminate running webdrivers” action from the Katalon Studio menu, wondering if there are some accessible trackers Katalon is using that I can tap into

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There are a family of APIs like switchToWindowIndex() but I’m in favor of @Dan_Bown’s approach: use JavaScript. To me, that seems more direct than using any type of window handle. Hopefully that will work.

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I’ll give that a try (hopefully later today), thanks!

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Question - is there a way to detect how many tabs are currently open in a given window so I can loop the JS tab close fxn until they are all gone?

This is from Google:

So, you would have to go and get the count, and then use that in your loop.

Definitely working now, thanks everyone!!!


Please post back with the method you chose and how you got it working.


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This is anything but a comprehensive guide. Unless I’m mistaken, @kevin.jackey has identified an (as yet) unbridgeable gap between JavaScript, Robot and Selenium based windows. See Follow up to - How to target robot at a specific window?