How to takes text attribute from object repository and use it to compare it with date value

Hi guys.

In my app, I use due-date values for some records. I got a button that should be hidden if due date it’s from past date.

Looking at my object, I got Attribute as text for the date displayed on grid and when I spy the object I got this:


How can I validate that Text value is less than Today?

I try to do this. but I don’t find the way to get the attribute and put it in my code:

Here is the code that I’m trying to set, but I don’t know how I need to set the attribute from my object in object repository .


Any Idea?

I’d do this:

DateTimeFormatter dtf = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("MM-dd-yy")
LocalDate today =
LocalDate dateFromAUT = LocalDate.parse(WebUI.getText(myTestObject), dtf)

if(today.compareTo(dateFromAUT) > 0) {
	println "Date from AUT is in the past"
} else if(today.compareTo(dateFromAUT) < 0) {
	println "Date from AUT is in the future"
} else {
	println "Date from AUT is today"

Thank you @Marek_Melocik . Will you create a class for your code or you will add it as a next step to do in the Test Case?

I asked because in my head I want to follow some steps, like:

1.- Verify that Button exist.
2.- If exist, Press button
3.- Else Verify Date in column and compare it with today date.
4.- If date it’s on past, Introduce Db connection and execute query in database to update date to be displayed.
5.- Refresh
6.- Verify That button exist again
7.- Back to step 2.


Generally, if you use any part of your code at least twice, it is worth to extract it into a separate method. You can create even general method for comparing date from AUT and your date.

As I am a huge fan of putting everything into methods, I’d create such a class with many util methods which you can use anywhere in your project.

public class DateTimeUtils {
	static DateTimeFormatter dtf = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("MM-dd-yy")

	public static boolean isFirstDateGreaterThanSecond(LocalDate d1, LocalDate d2) {
		if(d1.compareTo(d2) > 0) {
			return true
		} else {
			return false

	public static boolean isDateFromAUTGreater(LocalDate d1, TestObject to) {
		LocalDate dateFromAUT = LocalDate.parse(WebUI.getText(to), dtf)
		return isFirstDateGreaterThanSecond(dateFromAUT, d1)

	public static boolean isDateFromAUTGreaterThanToday(TestObject to) {
		return isDateFromAUTGreater(, to)