How to switch between contexts in (Native and Web) in hybrid app?

I am getting com.kms.katalon.core.webui.exception.WebElementNotFoundException error while executing the script for Hybrid app.
Can anyone please look into it? :neutral:

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Even i am testing a hybrid mobile application but its not working properly. Can Katalon be used to test Hybrid mobile applications??


I am actually working on hybrid mobile application automation testing using Katalon.

But I am facing issues when i play back the recorded actions and can you please Let me know can Katalon be used for Hybird mobile application and Does Katalon uses Its own Appium and UI automator ???

And also I the recorded actions are not working the same way each time i run the test case. During recording the I am not able to tap or locate few buttons and I am confused as to whether the problem is with the UI automator which Katalon is using or Katalon cannot be used for Hybrid mobile applications???

Please Reply…

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Katalon can not be used for Hybirid app

If Hybrid app are not supported then why are there these options?[Mobile]+Switch+To+Native[Mobile]+Switch+To+Web+View

I am currently working on an Hybrid app.