How to start UWP application from Katalon Studio

Dear Team,
I have read in the documentation that Katalon Studio can be used for automation testing of UWP applications.
Could you tell me how I can start UWP application from Katalon Studio in a test case? For Windows applications, Windows Keyword: Start Application is used and there needs to be defined Absolute path to Windows application. In the case of UWP application, it is not straight forward as a defining path for e.g. WPF application.

Thank you.

Hi @zhile

For the UWP application, please use the AppID of the Application under test after publishing it on Microsoft Store. We will update our document to state it clearly.

Thanks for your contribution.


Hi @Jass ,

Thank you for the reply. It gave me a good input for the resolution, as the application I wanted to test is still not published on Microsoft Store. In this case, I managed to open the application using the following string as input: PackageFamilyName!Application ID.


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Yes, It work as Expected.
but to find the Package FamilyName & Application ID.
I followed this link,Properties%20from%20the%20context%20menu.