How to start arm native browser?

Hello everyone.
I switched to M1 macbook and now I’m struggling with slowness of the Katalon Studio tests because of slowness of the browser because it runs intel version of the browser (even though I don’t have it installed).
I already changed chromedriver to arm native (by replacing chromedriver in /Applications/Katalon And now it runs arm native version according to Activity monitor.

And I also added arm native browser in Settings > General > Web Browser but it still runs slow intel version of the chrome.

Does anybody know how to run tests in amr native chrome?

I think you might need Katalon Support for this. @vu.tran

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Hi @e.kozlov, thank you for sharing this with us.

Our technical support team has advised this solution:

  1. First, reinstall Chrome with the correct M1 version. See correct way to install Google Chrome Application on you Mac

  2. Second, remove all chrome driver in both application level and project level

  • Application Level: /Applications/Katalon
  • Project Level Include/drivers/chromedriver_mac64/chromedriver
  1. Third, download correct Chrome driver for M1 via this link. File name should be

  2. Finally, put this driver file into both Application Level and Project Level

Please let us know if this works for you. Cheers!

I have arm native chrome installed.

I have copied arm native chromedriver on application level and created folder /drivers/chromedriver_mac64/ and copied it there as well and I also copied it to Drivers folder too.

And arm native chromedriver runs when I run the test. But intel version of Google chrome starts when I run my autotest.
You can see it on the screenshot.


I facing with the same issue. I trying but it still started with Intel browser. And Katalon will be release the native Katalon Studio for Mac ARM?


Hi, I am facing the same issue as @e.kozlov. Very very slow chrome browser.
Thank you for the steps, but some of it are not actual anymore.
Step 1. The user can’t choose the M1 or Intel version when dowloading. This is solved by google chrome themself around 2021. There is just 1 universal version of Google Chrome for intel and m1. If you have an M1 Mac, make sure you're using the right version of Chrome

Step 2. I don’t have this path project Level: Include/drivers/chromedriver_mac64/chromedriver.
I have only: project Level Include or Driver on the same folder (my_project/Include, myproject/Driver) and there is no chromedriver in the path myproject/Driver.

Step 4. There is 2 type for mac chromedriver_mac_arm64 and chromedriver_mac_64.
But katalon can’t run the chrome browser when I put chromedriver_mac_arm64 to applicaiton level :* Application Level: /Applications/Katalon

It runs only with chromedriver_mac_64.

Please can you have a talk with your technical support team again about this problem?
Thank you!

Hi @daniel.le, yes, forwarded to our technical team for further investigation. Stay tuned!


Hi all,

Sorry for the late response. The native support for Mac Apple Silicon has been introduced in v9.0.0 beta. Please update that version and select Tools > Update WebDrivers > Chrome to run native Chrome. Thank you!