How to spy the div table data

I would like to spy the red remark data, but I don’t how to capture it, and write the code.

Hi Weiqing,

Can you provide just a screen shot of the html source? so that we can review on how to automate that part.
We need to see the identifiers/attributes of that list before coding.


hi Arnel, you can check my attachment, thanks for you help.

Hi Weiqing,

We cannot automate that with just looking at the UI. You need to inspect. You already sent your UI in your first post.

I’m requesting for the source… Inspect the page…

Right click on the page > Inspect

Refer to the image below:

I would like to spy the table’s data such as “W1222112” and “+成员”, When I click “+成员”, it will popup up a new window do its actions.

Hi Weiqing,

Is that (“+成员") the only link you want to click?

Can you send here your test case or the procedure you want to do?

It would be great if you give enough information in order for us to help you.

Try also play with the inspector tool, be familiar with it, know how it works. It will be really difficult for you and also to us if you just show it like that without understanding it.