How to spread my test executions across multiple browsers?

I would like to execute my tests across multiple browsers in either:-

(1) A randomized way


(2) By specifying in advance that 25% should run on IE, 25% on Chrome etc.

If I have 1000 tests, I do not want to execute all 1000 tests on 5 different desktop browsers. By executing tests on browsers selected at randomly, I am also more likely to encounter issues.

I understand that I can select which browser a Test runs on and I also understand that I can add lots of Tests to a Test Suite and then I can choose which browser the Test Suite should be executed on. I am also familiar with the concept of Katalon Execution Profiles and Global Variables but I cannot think of a solution. I suspect the solution may lie somewhere within the “Open Browser” command and then somehow randomising the browser that is opened.

Any help or ideas is appreciated.