How to set up email notification if test fails only send one email not repeated during test fails ? and send again if test condition passed

Hello All, at Katalon Testops Is there an email setting ? that when a test fails it will only send one email and not send it repeatedly during a failed test, an email will be sent again if the test has passed, as information that the system is up

Are there other options for the email settings in the following image?



Those are all options we have: Share test reports via email in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs. Only Test Suite Executions that have FAILED test cases does not work for you?

in all options can work,
but I need to set up email notifications with conditions, just send one notification email if the test result fails, not repeated as long as the test case fails, the email is sent again when the test case result passes.
is there an email setting with such conditions?


Thank you for clarifying more information. It is sad to say that we have not yet supported such a scenario, just Only all and Only send fail. Hope this can help you. Thank you