How to set timeout for testsuites and received the logs/reports if it is abort

We have a Jenkins pipeline set to run the test collection, but test suite no. 3 is taking an eternity to finish for some reason. [At a local system level, the test suite is operational]

If we abort the pipeline then we don’t receive the report for investigation - even in Testops results are present after complete execution

How to receive reports for debugging if the test suite is running too slowly and how to set a timeout so that the next test suite can execute

No, you can not.

Even for Test Case, you can not set timeout.

Katalon Studio is not designed to manage the time period consumed by user’s code. When a use’s code goes into a long run (regardless the reason), KS will just let it go; as you are already aware. Your test cases (and test suites) can continue running hours, days, …

You need to debug you code and avoid going into the infinite loops somehow.

I don’t think katalon studio can automatically compile a good report that support your investigation for the reason of infinite loops. Only you can do would be inserting a lot lines of debug-prints, like

System.out.println("debug print ABC")

to find the output in the Jenkins log.

Thanks, @kazurayam
i will try with this workaround.

alternatively you can stop/kill the job if it exceeds the time frame set in jenkins config.

Is this it?

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that’s right


I think that the “Build Timeout” plugin of Jenkins is useful for @tayyaba.inamdar

@kazurayam i have tried your 1st suggestion

“System.out.println(“debug print ABC”) to find the output in the Jenkins log.”

but the print statement is not present in the console output

* [Testsuite2 - 8 tc is stuck]

is there any other workaround to debug at what line the test case is stuck

pls try to log the data before and after test case 8. export the log file and check the data