How to set GlobalVariable to another GlobalVariable ? getting 'null'

I have defined several Maps as GlobalVariables

and now want to create a GlobalVariable map consisting of the previously defined maps.

The issue however, is when I try to use the GV and extract the Map I get ‘null’

Map serviceMap = (Map) GlobalVariable.SERVICE_EDIT_MAPS.get(service)

  for (String key : serviceMap.keySet()) {

You tried to set values with references to other GlobalVariables in the GUI dialog. It is not supported.

But you cat set values in to the GlobalVariable of Map by codes.

GlobalVariable.myMap["DynamicDNS"] = GlobalVariable.EDIT_DYNAMIC_DNS_FIELDS
GlobalVariable.myMap["FTP"] = GlobalVariable.EDIT_FTP_FIELDS

If this is not supported, why allow the GUI to do it?

Also, the work around means I have to run code manually building a map every time I want to run tests. This is bloat in test run times and added work that should not be necessary.

Currently I have a large Switch statement that runs through and assigns the map (which is slightly better than just building a map manually). I guess this will have to do for now.

Is there plans to allow this type of functionality ?

I may be wrong, or there could be a bug, Need to look into this a bit more.

You can set ValueType=GlobalVariable in the GUI by design; but, as far as I verified, it does not interpolate any value.

I think this is a bug of Katalon Studio. Possibly, nobody else other than @makr.bain1 uses this, so it has been left unfixed long.


Do you have a payed license? If you do, you should raise a official support request to fix the bug.


Would you escarate this?

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Case 00011914 was created. ( @vu.tran )

@kazurayam Thanks for your help.

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I do not think that this bug will be fixed quickly. I guess, they may not be able to.


Therefore you should try to find some interim workaround.