How to run multiple test cases in single test suite sequentally?

Hi Everyone,
Is it posible to run multiple test case in single test suite sequentially?
The scenario likes below:
We have two cases:

  1. Login
  2. Input form

We assume that there are many forms in different modules that need to be tested, so here I think it’s better to use only one login test case instead of add login script in every test cases.

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We do that on our project. Just don’t close the browser in the previous testcase, and do not open browser in subsequent testcase.

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Thank you @danpoleary, it makes sense :slight_smile:

recommend you create one test case named ‘Login’ (as post above say, don’t close browser at end of script).
Your main scripts will share the same login test case, for your ‘Input Form’ example:
Step 1 - Call Test Case - Login (is the test case for login)
Then, add more test steps from that point.

[In Manual View - from ‘Add’ dropdown, choose ‘Call Test Case’]