How to remove the WebelementNotFoundException by using options given under either Xpath or Attributes

Every time I get this exception; i try to remove by trial and error method :upside_down_face:. I want to understand this basic concept and remove the error by options given under Xpath/Attributes in Katalon. I am new to automation :hatching_chick:. Is there any video explanation for this. Please see image 1 and 2.

No, you wouldn’t be very successful. You shouldn’t expect Katalon’s tools (Recorder, Spy) always suggest some brilliant options that solve “WebElementNotFoundException” automagically. In 99% of cases, no. The cause would reside out of the scope of Recorder/Spy — dynamic id, iframe, etc. So you need to be more capable over the tools.

You should study XPath from basics by

Also you should study how to use Chrome DevTools