How to remove the WebelementNotFoundException by using options given under either Xpath or Attributes

Every time I get this exception; i try to remove by trial and error method :upside_down_face:. I want to understand this basic concept and remove the error by options given under Xpath/Attributes in Katalon. I am new to automation :hatching_chick:. Is there any video explanation for this. Please see image 1 and 2.

No, you wouldn’t be very successful. You shouldn’t expect Katalon’s tools (Recorder, Spy) always suggest some brilliant options that solve “WebElementNotFoundException” automagically. In 99% of cases, no. The cause would reside out of the scope of Recorder/Spy — dynamic id, iframe, etc. So you need to be more capable over the tools.

You should study XPath from basics by

Also you should study how to use Chrome DevTools

Thank You All.