How to pass variable value from test case to object repository

Hello, I am trying to pass my test case variable to object repository (API), but cant seem to work.
My case is I want to test different cases on 1 API, so 1 API with multi test cases.

I have created my test case variable, lets say variable name = ‘name’ with value = ‘Ron’.
And my object repo’s body request is =


I wanted to pass my test case’s variable value to object repo, but how do I do it?
I have tried =


but seems like its not the right syntax.
Thankyou in advanced

I didn’t think you could pass data to the OR; just get things from it. There are, however, several ways to pass data from one TC to another.

The way I pass values between Test Cases within a Test Suite is with Global Variables. Create a Global Variable and then you can use it throughout the Test Cases of a Test Suite.

To pass data between Test Suites (each TS with multiple Test Cases) is to save the data out into a Spreadsheet and then retrieve the data from the Spreadsheet in the next Test Suite (or by Text document). If you know how, you can create a Keyword (or several) that can save the data (or whichever bits you want saved–that’s why you may want more than one Keyword) and another to retrieve the data (or whichever bits you want retrieved).

Another method to pass data between TC and TS is using static variables!

sorry for late reply

Thank you for the feedback. I’ll try the methods above