How to pass data from WebUI test to Katlon API testing in runtime

Hi Katalon team,

We are new to Katalon and trying to automate our end-to-end flow using WebUI and APIs.

In our end-to-end flow we have to do few steps as WebUI testing and then pass some values from WebUI testing as inputs for API testing in the same runtime.
For APIs, we can pass input data from Datafiles or Global variables. But as per understanding data files need to be uploaded once we write into excel - which cannot be done in between the runs.
Is there a way that we can possibly achieve what we need? Any guidance from anyone who faced the same issue.

Thanks in advance!

what is amount of data you want to preserve?
there is apache library that can be used to store directly to excel.
another possibility is use global variable or temporary file in e.g. json format.
last but not least store in DB reachable from test.