How to loop in a test data file


Could anyone help me how to proceed with looping in a test data file?
My scenario is as follows:

  • i need to test a web page with 3 different Users & Passwords

My data files contained 3 different Users/Passwords. Can any one help me ASAP on this please?

Hi Ziyaad,

You can refer to this link about test data

Hope that helps. . . :slight_smile:

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Hi - you dont need to loop, the system will do that for you when you run it in a tests suite.

Just have a read of this

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Hello, I already checked, it does not help me.

Can you give us a brief detail about your problem?

Basically i was working with the wrong solution whereby i was trying to used a for loop in the test case.
Now with your help i was able to solved it.

Thank you guys!

By the way, in my TestProfile which i created, can i stored variables for Users/Password in it?