How to keep multiple value in attribute

Hi Everyone,

I want to know how can I put 2 text values in text attribute, currently its having value as “ACCEPT”, I also want to keep value as “Continue”. How can I achieve that please help with this scenario.
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Hi @vaibhavp

Here is the way to add more properties to a object.

  1. Click on Add under Object’s properties
  2. add the desired properties

I hope this help…

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Hi @tayyaba.inamdar thanks for reply,

I am getting this message. I can’t add same name parameter in object attribute please help.


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Maybe you can try to use “contains” as the below link does.

xml - XPath contains(text(),‘some string’) doesn’t work when used with node with more than one Text subnode - Stack Overflow

The following method worked for me. I set the Selector Method = XPath, then I pasted the following in the Selector Locator section:

//*[contains(text(),'ACCEPT') or contains(text(), 'Continue')]

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Hi @jmeintjesn7 thanks for reply, I figured it out by searching it regarding xpath, anyways thanks for your solution too.