How To keep app in SauceLabs so that Katalon tests can refer while test execution in SauceLabs?


Current My tests are running successfully using iOS simulators for below step

startApplication(“/Users/dast/Desktop/”, true): Started app at: ‘/Users/dast/Desktop/’

But My requirement is if i want to run the same tests in Sauce Labs ,so i need a location in SauceLabs, where in SauceLabs I should be able to keep that app so that my iOS katalon tests can pick the app execute the tests

Could anybody from the Katalon team clarify, how to start an application, which already has been uploaded to to the Sauce Labs storage?

the Mobile.startApplication(‘MyApp_iOS.ipa’, true) doesn’t work, despite that there is the ‘app’ property was added to the Desired Capabilities - Custom
Name: 'app"; type: Dictionary; value: {storage:filename = MyApp_iOS.ipa}

At least, can you show a working example for the Sauce Labs?