How to integrate Rest Assured in Katalon Studio

I have ready tests in Rest Assured and I would like to move them in Katalon Studio. because it’s easier to run local and with Jenkins.

It will be nice to have step by step guide How to integrate Rest Assured in Katalon Studio.

I know your team is planing to expand Web Services Testing features, but it could be wery nice idea to attrack Rest Assured lovers to start using Katalon Studio.

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I haven’t tried, but I think you could import RestAssured jar lib into Katalon Studio and use it as usual.

Hi Timur, were you able to figure out the way? I am stuck at the same point. Any help in this regards would be very useful.

Hi @Trong_Bui

I have imported Rest Assured Jars in Katalon but didnt work .still issue display for import rest assured statement

Could anyone knows how we can import Rest API project of java from Katalon studio

Thanks in Advance