How to ignore "wait for page loading success"

I had a old question about Katalon recorder, how to do ignore “wait for page loading success” to run next command in Katalon recorder, because when i upload a big image, file …etc , and click submit, in the next page the image or file are show… it’s will take along time to do next command while i can used “waitForElementPresent” to do it .
Please help me

Someone from Katalon can probably comment on this with more authority, but from my own investigation into this, the whole way that Selenium (v3) is built (the foundations to Katalon) is that it is dependent on the browser completing a specific step first before it will then proceed to the next step.

I have tried to work around this myself by doing the following things:

- Altering the timeout period (for a step)
- Running JavaScript to tell the browser to stop loading the page, before then proceeding with the next step (which in my case involved a verifyElementPresent, however equally it could’ve had a waitForElementPresent and it wouldn’t have solved the issue in my situation)

Obviously, the browser needs a DOM element present to then interact with it, but the DOM page rendering time can sometimes be far quicker than the time required for the page to finish loading (particularly where a site uses 3rd party-based analytics/tracking).

If Adam or someone else from Katalon knows a way around this it would be good to know.