How to identify the reCAPTCHA element in WebUI and click it


First of all, I’m an absolute noob and have only just started learning code - this is my first proper project and I think I’m at the final hurdle.

I’m currently trying to create a bot but are having a problem with the reCAPTCHA element. Yes, I understand the premise of reCAPTCHA and it’s designed for this exact reason but it’s becoming a pain in the ass when trying to test and build out the bot whenever I have to log in and complete the reCAPTURE exercise every single time. It’s also an essential part of moving from page-to-page.

I have discovered a Chrome Extension (called Buster) which essentially transcribes the audio capture into text and solves it. However, I’m having actually having trouble locating and identifying the reCAPTCHA object element within the WebUI - I think it’s due to being contained within an iframe and it’s done like this on purpose.

There appear to be solutions using Selenium as I’ve found the following two links which suggest it is possible, therefore, one would think it’s possible in Katalon?

  1. How to click on the reCAPTCHA using Selenium and Java - Stack Overflow
  2. How to handle Captcha in Selenium | BrowserStack

I’m wondering if anyone has experience around this or has any suggestions / advice / better ways of approaching this? I’m open to try anything as this is the last hurdle in getting the bot fully up and running - I don’t really want to give up as it’s my first project and will majorly help out a friend.

Speaking to the domain owner isn’t an option and allowing them to disable reCAPTCHA is not an option. Are there workarounds / other Chrome extensions that I should look into?

Thanks in advance!

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