How to identify objects in desktop application when Katalon treats several objects as one?

I would like to get some help with the following:

  1. I work on the desktop app automation (I used both Windows Spy and Recorder, however, Windows Recorder was more helpful, so I ended up with that), and it is possible to get through login, however, the next window that contains a list of several objects (in a list) is treated by Katalon as one object, and I am not able to identify and select them separately.
    Is there any possibility to capture the opjects? Maybe by any other additional program? I tried Autoit, it sees the objects the same way (as one)

It’s one of the Frequently Asked Questions. Similar question and answer here:

It’s about WebUI testing, not about desktop app testing. I don’t know if the similar level of XPath (predicates using [position()=N]) is supported for desktop applications.

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