How to identify if a table cell is populated with text or (in particular) non-text elements?

Trying to ensure that the cells in my application tables are not empty. The rub is that these cells could be populated with a multitude of possible items - text, links, images, buttons, etc.), so a simple text check [getText()] won’t work, as it shows the cell as empty since there technically isn’t text there.

Is there a function that can be leveraged to detect that something other than a blank is present in a cell, or would I need to do progressive checks for each object type that could potentially be there?

It might be possible to check just that there is NOT a blank in the cell, but would a simple (<<my_cell>>.getText() != “”) suffice? I’d think that it would still flag because the getText for a non-text object would likely still show up as a blank cell

Very possibly not.

I don’t believe there is a ready built WebUI API for what you want to achieve. If you want to go the DOM+JavaScript route, you can use element.innerHTML

Example: I inspected the your avatar next to your name and ran $0.innerHTML

As you can see, it reveals the content of the avatar div element (a element, img element …)

Will give this a try, thanks!