How to handle Soft Asserts in katalon

When we add Soft asserts in class A and call the class A methods to class B, while executing method a() - if it finds any mismatch between ActualMsg and ExpectedMsg, then testcase fail and stop execution.
Example given below:

So how to handle soft Asserts for other classes using katalon?

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The screenshot you attached does NOT look to be a Test Case script in the Katalon Studio GUI.

The screenshot you attached looks to be an Excel spreadsheet. I can not guess what you are doing in Excel.

Are you really using Katalon Studio?


is SoftAssert a new Katalon feature i don’t know about?
I don’t get it…
at first look it is more like a custom class.
so what is the actual question?
how to programm using excel and obscure class use?

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