How to get the number of rows in a table?

Is there a command or something to get the number rows of a selected table? I know this is possible in katalon studio, but how can you do this in katalon recorder?

You may be able to apply the solution used with Selenium IDE that is listed here:

Don’t know about in Katalon recorder, but you can write a custom key word to do that:

//Save the desired table to a new WebElement
WebElement Table = WebUI.findWebElement('Location of your web table', 10)
//Capture all the rows in the table and save them to a list called rows_table
List<WebElement> rows_table = ResultsTable.findElements(By.tagName("tr"))//Use the .size method to determine the number of rows in the tableint rowsInTable = rows_table.size()//Print to the console or whatever you wishprintln(rowsInTable)