How to get rid of pop up for command in command window

When you type command in command field in the command window, it is difficult to get rid of the popup with available commands. I have tried selecting command, hitting enter, hitting tab, and hitting esc key. None of them does anything. I try to click in the Target field but the popup normally covers it. It seems that you normally have to click elsewhere in the window so that it loses focus. And sometimes the popup still remains even if you select a different test case,etc.


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Hi @glenn_remar

Sorry for the inconvenience, try to click on the arrow next to the field to close the popup, we’ll fix this issue asap.

Also, the popup will disappear if you move the mouse pointer outside the Katalon window (no need to click).


Hi we released 5.5.4 which should fix this issue. Can you see if it works?

Selecting item closes popup. Clicking down arrow for command also does. Hitting tab, enter, or esc do not. I can select item to close.

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