How to get outerHTML of a website by using Katalon

Hi there, currently I get no clue how to get this data in outerHTML in property tabs like in the picture below

I have an xpath like this [//div[@id = ‘dm-logo’], my wanted data is in the inner outerHTML.
Do you have any idea or clue how to get this
Many thanks


What are you trying to achieve by getting that?

I don’t understand what it means.

What precisely are you looking for in that <div> element? An attribute?

What if I told you that you could get that attribute, in xpath, like this:

//div[@id = 'dm-logo']/@style


DISCLAIMER: I picked style attribute because that’s the only one I saw on that div… Replace it with the attribute you wish to target.

Better yet, you could just use WebUI.getAttribute(yourDivObject, 'style')

Firstly, outerHTML and innerHTML are properties of a web element present in the DOM – they are not attributes.

You cannot get properties on an element using XPATH.

You will struggle to get properties of any element using Katalon/Selenium (with the exception of the value property, but that’s another story I don’t care to go into – again).

@minh Your only choice is to use JavaScript.


You can test that in the DevTools console.

Now in Groovy:

String js = "return document.querySelector('#dm-logo').outerHTML;")
String html = WebUI.executeJavaScript(js, null)
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