How to get browser Info logs using Katalon

@kazurayam This is only printing or fetching the Warning Logs, how can I fetch Info logs


I do not see what you are doing at all.

Please have a look at this guidance for making questions:


I just tried to do this

driver.get(SuiteVars.WebTabUrl()) ---- > I am opening the application which is deployed on web


WebDriver driver = DriverFactory.getWebDriver()

LogEntries logs = driver.manage().logs().get(“browser”)

for (LogEntry entry: logs){



Well, I do not know. I have no in-depth experience of this API.

Just I guess,

Does this API provides any filtering capability? I do not know.

I guess, your JS application in the web page is NOT actually writing INFO level logs at all.

But I can see this in my console…

Really, I do not know.

ok how can I reach out to more people?

Google search would help. That’s is the only one sword I use.

No luck…